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Regional Economic Forecasts & Analysis

Regional forecasts provide state and local leaders and businesses with short-term expectations of the trajectory of recovery. Forecasts incorporate national economic outlooks prepared by the University of Michigan's Research Seminary in Quantitative Economics (RSQE), the US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Outlooks, and from other vendors such as Moody's Analytics. State level outlooks draw from the Maine Consensus Economic Forecast Committees (CEFC), state specific research and data, and other assumptions. Regional forecasts are prepared using a seven region 80 sector economic model developed by Regional Economic Modeling Inc. (REMI) and are provided for the state and regions that closely coincide with the economic development districts (EDDs). These include Northern Maine (Aroostook-Washington), Eastern Maine, Kennebec Valley, MidcoastAndroscoggin Valley, Greater Portland, and Southern Maine

The most current preliminary employment forecasts can be accessed in the presentation slide decks below.

Maine Regional Economic Forecasts - December 2020

Economic forecasts for the state and 7 economic development districts provide estimated recovery outlooks across several economic and industry metrics. Data files in Microsoft Excel for each region can be accessed and downloaded below. 


Androscoggin Valley EDD (AVEDD) - forecast data download


Aroostook-Washington EDD (AWEDD) - forecast data download


Eastern Maine EDD (EMEDD) - forecast data download

Greater Portland EDD (GPEDD) - forecast data download


Kennebec Valley EDD (KVEDD) - forecast data download

Mid-Coast EDD (MCEDD) - forecast data download

Southern Maine EDD (SMEDD) - forecast data download

Maine - forecast data download

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