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Research & Reports

The Center is focused on two key program areas: supporting and advancing the state's 10-year economic development strategy and competitiveness in key technology sectors. CBER continues to provide technical assistance and applied research projects on an as requested basis. To learn more, please contact us or keep up to date with our blog. For past reports prior to 2015 please click here.


A sample of current and past projects are provided below.

The Economic Contribution of Casco Bay

This research report estimates the economic market value of the Casco Bay watershed using the ocean economy framework developed by the National Ocean Economics Program.

Ocean and Coastal Economy Studies

Forest Economy, 2015 - 2021 EDA UC program area

CBER provided market analysis and technical assistance to the forest products industry to help identify business and economic development opportunities.

Forest Products Industry; EDA University Center; Local & Regional Economic Development; Labor Market & Workforce Research

Wage Gaps in Maine

This analysis investigates the extent to which wage gaps exist in Maine relative to Massachusetts and to the United States across a number of distinct occupations considered highly-skilled and technologically oriented.

USM CBER Working Research paper, Workforce Challenges and Opportunities

Workforce Needs in Maine’s Marine Living Resources Sector

This work documents specific workforce challenges and opportunities faced in Maine’s marine living resources sector. The report informs a larger effort aimed at focusing limited resources to the most effective workforce solutions.

Ocean and Coastal Economy Studies; Regional and Community Economic and Workforce Profiles; Labor Market & Workforce Research.

The Economic Impact of Sports and Tourism in Maine

A technical report that provides an estimation of the economic contribution and impact of organized sports and tourism in the Maine economy in 2019 and 2020. We also estimate the economic activity attributed to visitors attending or participating in events the MSC has provided some kind of promotion or support.

Economic Contribution & Impact Study

Maine Housing Impact Models

Economic and fiscal impacts from investment in low income housing [re]development projects

Economic Modeling & Forecasting

E2tech clean tech sector impact study

Provide consulting services to the Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech) to conduct research and update the MTI-funded study entitled “The Clean Technology Sector in Maine 2013.” Project services include: 1) Developing and analyzing a survey of Maine businesses and organizations, 2) Evaluating survey results, and 3) assisting in preparing a draft report.

Economic Modeling & Forecasting; Regional Economic Modeling Inc. (REMI)

VitaminSea Market and Pricing Strategy 

This brief identifies and compares potential pricing strategies and benefits to small and mid-sized suppliers and producers targeted for kelp.

Technical assistance, Spatial analysis & GIS, Market Research, Pricing Strategies, Business development.

Population and Workforce Dynamics in Maine

USM CBER Working Research

Demographic Forecasting; Rural Economic and Workforce Development; Regional and Community Economic and Workforce Profiles

Remote Workers in Maine

USM CBER Working Research

USM CBER Working Research paper

Regional Data Consortium Pilot

Community data assessment and feasibility study to better understand the local data environment and gauge the level of interest for a regional data-sharing initiative. This work was complete in partnership with the Data Innovation Project and Greater Portland Council of Governments.

Local & Regional Economic Development

Demographic & Economic Profile of Aroostook County

This report is an updated assessment of the demographic and economic challenges most pressing in Aroostook County in order to understand and motivate action.

Regional Economic Development; Demographic & Economic Profile, Labor Market & Workforce Analysis, Demographic Forecasting.

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